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    KULKUL, is about young musicians whose Kulkul band logo vision is to craft an exquisite fuse of modern tunes and Balinese traditional mystical sounds. As a band, KULKUL dreams to seize and preserve the details that bring about the exotic aura of Baliand moreover, the Indonesia Archipelago. KULKUL's musical inclination has received a very warm welcome from Lembaga Kesenian Bali Saraswati (The BalineseArt Foundation Saraswati headed by Mr. I Gusti Kompyang Raka). Their artistic alliancehas given birth to a unique and alluring sound that enables the listeners to spontaneouslyrecognize the strong characteristics KULKUL has embraced.
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Bali Jazz Festival 2005

Java Jazz 2005

Merah Putih Denpasar

Jazz Goes to Campus

Jazz Goes to Campus
Demas Narawangsa
Adman Maliawan
Sigit Arditya
Drummer Demas Narawangsa

    Being just 14 years old, Demas is the youngest member of Kulkul, yet he is mature enough to drive the band.
With full support from his parents when he was 4 years old,Demas studied classical piano and later expanded studies to drumming.
    Demas was first place of Indomusic Expo 2000, first placein the Yamaha Drums Competition 2002, and The Best Drummerof Yamaha Asian Beat 2003 & 2004, and these are only a few of Demas' achievements.
    Demas does not commit himself yet to any genre, he tends to blenda powerful mix of Jazz, Rock and Progressive music.
Demas has also performed with one of Indonesia’s most appreciatedjazz bands; the Donny Suhendra Band. He has also written the jingle for a tourism advertisement and the score for the television movie "Obsessionof a Train Girl."

Bass Guitarist Adman Maliawan

    Adman graduated from University of Indonesia studying psychology and has been playing the basssince 1985. Hispresence in Kulkul brings modern ambiance to the band. The useof aggressive slap and fingering techniques, supported by hisskills in sound engineering, have given Kulkul a more dynamicedge in performance.
    He has found passion in developing young musicians.This fan of Rush, Level 42, and UZEB teaches how to beat a bassin Yamaha studios and Purwacaraka Music Studioin Jakarta. He is also a clinician ofYamaha’s bass and mixer products.
Violin - Sigit Arditya

    Sigit has shown his talent since he was 5. He started as a wiz kid playing in front of the President in the ceremony of Indonesia’s Independence Day at the state palace. He has beencontinuously playing in many Indonesia’s most formal state dinner, infront of every President Indonesia has since Didiet was born.
    Sigit currenty attends Musical Art Department at the Universityof Jakarta. But being young, Sigit cannot resist the challenge to play withhis peers and perform with young high achievers such as Indonesia youngdivas; Rossa. He also backs up other Indonesia Divas like Kris Dayanti.

R.M. Aditya Andriyanto
Faisar Fasya
I Wayan Sudarsana
kulkul, ceng-ceng kopyak, gangsa kantilan
RM Aditya Andriyanto

    R.M. Aditya Andriyanto is serious in makingmusic his life. He began as a drummer, and then changed gears by attending the Musical Art Department in Jakarta University,learning how to master piano. He has excelled and now teaches at Purwa Caraka Music Studio, one of the best music schoolsin Indonesia.
    Adit not only gives the band his piano playing skills, butalso gave a song in the compilation of Kulkul’s works. The song"Wina" came as a personification of his love to his beloved girlfriendWina.

Guitar - Faisar Fasya

    Faisar Fasya, a guitarist who just finished hisstudy at the Indonesia Musician Institute,is the newest member of Kulkul. Not taking long to adjust,Faisar has splendidly accentuated the song "Datanglah" (in english "Pleasecome"), written by Adman.
    Adding to his brilliant guitar playing, he has a greatmultitasking capacity. Currently he works with two bands full-time. As a jazz player, he has proven himself at Java Jazz Festval in 2006.
I Wayan Sudarsana

    Being respectful to tradition, not superstitious, Kulkulholds a praying ritual at the beginning of its performance. Comingfrom a very strong traditional region, Karangasem, Bali, I Wayan Sudarsana leads the prayer. His attachmentto the land, water and air of Bali has gifted him the full competenceof beautifully plays Balinese instruments such as kulkul, cengcengkopyak and gangsa kantilan. Member of the Saraswati Studio,he soars globally, by sharing the magical Balinese culture intomany, corners of the globe.

I Kadek Setiawan
kulkul, ceng-ceng kopyak, gangsa pemade, kendang
I Wayan Sudiarta
ceng-ceng kopyak, gangse kantilan
I Komang Sumada
kulkul, suling, gangsa pemade, cen-ceng kopyak, gendang
I Kadek Setiawan

    I Kadek Setiawan has been with Kulkul since August 2005.Also a member of Saraswati Studio, Kadek is fresh air to Bali’s music.
    While playing a group of traditionalinstruments like ceng-ceng kopyak, gangsa permade, and kendang,his young age takes him to a new level of a past/present alliance.He is the real example of carrying out tradition as he polishes it to shineand preserves it for the future.

I Wayan Sudiarta

    I Wayan Sudiarta specializes on the ceng-ceng, ceng-ceng kopyak, and gangse kantilan. Also a memberof Saraswati Studio, he has a very distinct way of palying instruments.In his hands, KULKUL’s music sounds more dynamic and his cheerful, simple, and friendly character has made the atmospherefresh and warm in Kulkul’s practice and stage performance.
I Komang Sumada

    I Komang Sumada is a native of Klungkung, Bali.Music is within his blood and runs in his family. He is a son of avery well-known and respected Balinese traditional music artist.He is open to appreciate the wonder of music other than what he has in hisisland. He has taken steps to show the appreciation by workingwith Indonesian well-respected pop and jazz musicians from Elfa’sMusic Studio. He represents Bali to other music genres through suling,gangsa permade, ceng-ceng kopyak, and gendang.

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I used to think I drummed because I was happy. Now I know that I am happy because I drum.